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Try to secure as much information from the other person involved in the accident with you if it is safe for you to obtain this information at the scene of the accident. If the accident scene is not safe for you to secure this information let the proper authorities assist you with getting this information. You want to ensure that you do not put your safety at the accident scene at risk. If you are able to safely secure the information from the other person after the accident you may want to consider the following tips:
Tip One:
Obtain the other person’s drivers license information such as: complete name, driver’s license number, address and birth date. Try to also secure their telephone number.
Tip Two:
Try to secure the license plate, vehicle type, make, model, color and year. In addition, verify via the vehicle registration the owner of the vehicle involved in the accident with you.
Tip Three:
Secure the person’s vehicle insurance information including the following: name of their insurance carrier, policy number and the phone number of their insurance carrier.
Tip Four:
If there are any witnesses to the accident, try to secure the name, telephone number and address if possible of the witness(s) in order for your insurance company to contact them for a statement about the accident and additional information.
Tip Five:
If the police department comes to the scene of the accident depending on the circumstances involved a police report may be taken. The police report may include information such as; the parties involved in the accident, vehicle information for the parties, facts of the accident and additional information.
Tip Six:
Make sure you contact your insurance company to report the accident you were involved in as soon as possible. Regardless if you plan on going through the other party’s insurance carrier for the repair of your vehicle or possible injuries you or your passengers may have sustained, it is important that you consider notifying your insurance company about the accident to start the claims process. In most instances your insurance carrier requires that you contact them when you are involved in an accident. You may want review your insurance policy concerning this.
Usually within twenty four to forty eight hours from the time you reported the accident to your insurance carrier, a claims adjuster is assigned to your accident claim. The adjuster will discuss the accident information with you and will assess liability which will determine who is responsible for causing the accident.
Most people do not want to be involved in accident, however if you are you may be able to use these tips to assist you with the information you may want to obtain if you are involved in a vehicle accident.