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The choice to purchase an automobile is usually decided via two main factors. These factors are buying a used vehicle and buying a new one. A car that is brand new is seemingly a better choice to most people as it is shiny, has very few miles, and there will be less damage and stress on the vehicle, theoretically. This is not always the case, of course. However, on the average, purchasing a car new will only have the economical aspects of the situation involved. A used car will have a different set of issues. These issues are possible maintenance problems, hard to register titles or a lack of warranty.
There are three time-tested methods for purchasing a pre-owned automobile without buying a lemon. These methods are to purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle, buy the automobile from someone that is well known, and make certain to read the information available on a given vehicle.
When an individual chooses to purchase an automobile it is always a good idea to acquire as much information about it as possible. Any given car that has been around for a few years will probably have had at least two different owners. While the current owner might be a perfect driver that attempts proper maintenance of it regularly, the previous one might be a different story.
A certified pre-owned automobile is as close to new as a used car can get. The main reason to purchase such an automobile is that it will come under a new warranty for a short time. It is also certified to run. If it breaks down during this period, the seller must fix it. Many dealerships offer this program to potential customers for vehicles that are in relatively new condition and excellent shape. A reputable used car dealership will sell reliable vehicles to the public.
The benefit of purchasing a car from someone the individual knows is that they have most likely seen the vehicle in operation. The would-be purchaser might have even ridden or driven the car on several occasions. This allows the prospective buyer to have far more intimate knowledge of the automobile in question. They will know how well it runs, and the history of the vehicle to some extent without relying on paperwork to give them insights. The problem with this method is that if something happens to the vehicle through no fault of the previous owner, the incident can ruin a friendship or put a strain on the relationship.
In the end, the best decision would be to purchase a used automobile that has a respectable history and is certified pre-owned. If this automobile is also previously owned by a respected individual or dealership, then that is even better.