Whatever you ask, I will do it. Now, not many leaders are prepared to say to those they have been training and preparing for service, but this leader did. He relates it all to what we call prayer!
And, He puts no limitations on this, but He does say that it must be for God’s glory.
This is one of the fundamental conditions of prayer. We are not just to pray for things which may be for our own comfort and convenience.
Our prayers must have that aim of bringing glory to God the Father. Jesus does say that you come to the Father in My name, as though it were I who was doing the praying. Now, that is bold.
These disciples thought that they were going to miss His Presence, after he left them, and Jesus mentions and explains how the Holy Spirit will be given to them.
When I go away, another will come and He is called the Comforter or the Counsellor or the Advocate or the One Who comes alongside and stands by you. The Words have all these rather wonderful meanings. He is the Fortresser, or the one who make you brave or like a fort. You will be like a fortified castle. This is what to comfort means too. See the significance of that strong word ‘fort’!
Whatever I have been to you, He, the Holy Spirit, will be the same. There is no record of them missing Jesus! They thought they would miss Jesus Christ after He was crucified but you will not find a hint of that anywhere and that is quite astonishing.
We read all the details of this in John Chapter 14 in the New Testament part of the Bible and in verse 17, we learn that the world cannot accept Him. The world neither sees Him nor knows Him. There are Christians and the world, and Christians are placed in the world to influence the world for God and for good. They are called to be the salt and light.
This is the real division that runs through the whole of society, and it is those who have the Spirit of Jesus, and those who do not, or those who are born again and those who are not, or those who belong to Jesus Christ the Saviour and Lord and those who do not confess Jesus Christ with holy reverence.
Jesus then goes on to teach another wonderful truth. Up till now, I have been on the outside of you. Soon I will live inside you by the Holy Spirit. I cannot explain that. This is where we have to travel beyond the area of reason and logic.
We have to experience this for ourselves, and when you experience this you know that have experienced something wonderful and exciting and reassuring. For well over fifty years I have known the reality of this and I can state that it is no mere wishful thinking, nor is it a hallucination.
This is spiritual reality. Have you enjoyed this very personal experience of the living God? You can. It is for all. It is available for all who ask.
Sandy Shaw