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I am a Trek Fan. have been my entire life. I was too young for ST:TOS but saw them all in re-runs on Saturdays after Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica. I have seen all the the spin-off series, Enterprise being my favorite (no flames please) with DS9 a close second.
When I compare this new game to any of the shows / movies, I think, for me it best falls in line with Enterprise with a mix of DS9 and a hint of Voyager.
Enterprise: For me, this series reflected a rough side of Starfleet. Cowboys, free thinkers, bucking authority when possible. In this early time of Starfleet history, many rules and laws had not been created yet, and were being created as they went. It was loose, with a lot more room for error and for heroism then in other shows that came later in the Trek Universe.
DS9: As I watched this Series, one of my favorite things was the fact that a Commander was given control of a station, and a series. It added a bit or reality, that you don’t have to be a Captain, to run things. I also enjoyed Cadet Rom tooling around. It reminded me of Wesley, in essence a civilian when he started navigating on the bridge! Why? because Picard thought it was a good idea. In DS9 we also have a bit more flair and in-your-face situations. Not everything was clean, and morally one-sided. I see some of that in Star Trek: Online as well.
Voyager: When it is necessary, anyone can crew a starship, even criminals.:) Talk about thinking outside the box. This crew had no choice to do that everyday. Heck, they found a Borg, nursed it back to individuality, gave her a sexy costume and made her part of the crew. They even made a Hologram the Head of Sickbay. When times are tough, you do what you have to do.
As I play this game, I am reminded of that, but from a different Point of view. Here, Starfleet and the Federation are to the point of being trapped and defeated by their regulations and ideology, and are force to think outside the box once again. In the first few minutes of play, you, an ensign are given command of a ship, apparently full of other ensigns!:) And apparently, the only new Bridge Officers available for your new Ship are fresh ensigns right out of the Academy. It seems strange at first, but at the same time, makes a kind of sense. It reminds me a bit of the New Star Trek film: “Sure we would like to finish your Semester and have you graduate. Heck we would like to finish this trial, but.. there is a thing, and you are the closest, so here is a ship, good luck!.” In a time of war, the fleet is spread out, pulling ships out of moth-balls, piecing ships together from two or three hull remains, and putting whatever crew they can in them. Thus, we have an ensign commanding a Bridge Crew of ensigns.
The game is not everything I was looking for in a Trek game, but there is also a lot that was was not looking for was presently surprised by. It is trek enough for me to enjoy it as a fan, and new enough to make me wonder “what if” all over again.