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The Philippines is a developing country struggling with many ailments that hinder its progress. One of its pressing dilemmas is its growing waste problem. Hundreds of mountainous piles of trash plague the country once known as the Pearl of the Orient because of its natural beauty. Improperly disposed trash is threatening its natural resources. Land pollution is not only its problem; several of its bodies of water such as the Pasig River have died due to pollutants. Even its air is becoming unsafe; air pollution has grown at a rapid pace especially in the urban areas. Unfortunately, these environmental problems are not being addressed too much because the government is busy dealing with other matters such as the problems with corruption and unemployment. Luckily for the republic, Ron Flynn has chosen the country to be the heart of his crusade to change the world through Biosphere Technology.
Ronald Shane Flynn or simply Ron Flynn to his peers has always strived to materialize his dream of a green planet through clean energy. The Biosphere Technology is his key to the realization of this lifelong dream. This industry changing process will spark the transition towards cleaner technologies by providing consumers an alternative that is even better than the conventional technologies such as fossil fuels that they are using today. The efficiency that can only be found on polluting energy sources is now also offered by this groundbreaking technology. It has broken the barriers that have been incapacitating clean energy and making it unable to compete with the more prevalent brown energy or energy that pollutes.
Ron Flynn believes that Biosphere Technology will empower the Philippines with the ability to get rid of the dreaded waste disease that is slowly devouring the nation like a tumor. This is because the said technology needs to eliminate wastes before it can create energy because solid waste is its feedstock. It therefore has the potential to clear all of the garbage scattered on Philippine land and water bodies. Even the trash collected in landfills will be converted into energy; freeing up the much needed space and making it available for other more fruitful purposes. Space is invaluable to the country because of its rapidly growing population.
Biosphere Technology is also capable of producing energy with very little pollutants. This means that making a complete shift to the said technology will solve the country’s dilemma on air pollution. By greatly mitigating the number of pollutants, nature will be able to heal itself and the air will be fresh again within a few decades. This great innovation will bring the Philippines to being a true pearl of the Orient.