The sketch of Nokia’s penta-lens camera smartphone has leaked online. The leaked pictures show that the provider is expected to bring a uniquely designed camera onto its upcoming flagship.Nokia 10 penta-lens camera.

Rumoured Nokia 10 penta-lens camera.

The sketch of the camera, reported by Nokia Power User, depicts a dual-lens camera placed within a circular frame on the trunk of the smartphone (expected to be Nokia 10). Another lenses are predicted to be hidden in the module. According to the image, a microphone and a flash sit on each side of the vertically aligned camera module. The fingerprint scanner is placed below the camera on the rear side of the smartphone.

Zeiss, the company making the lenses, recently patented a “Miniature zoom camera”. The camera patented by the business has multiple lenses arranged in a circular fashion that rotates to be the principal lens. The camera shown in the picture does not show different lenses put on the device but the report suggests that the lenses may be hidden inside the camera module. The user can change the focal length of the camera by aligning and rotating with the multiple sensors with the main camera.

The report also cites the Nokia 10 will come with a similar layout as the Nokia 9. It’ll feature double-glass (front and back) on the smartphone also will be powered by Snapdragon 845.

The company is expected to start Nokia 9 at the event. The Nokia 6 and Nokia 7 will also be anticipated to be launched globally throughout the event. Nokia 9 is likely to come with a dual-camera installation and also an 18:9 aspect ratio screen.