Despite Having cross-platform play for Matches like Fortniteand Rocket League, Microsoft is removing its game, Minecraft from one platform — Program le TV.Microsoft Ends Support for Minecraft Apple TV
If you bought Minecraft on Apple TV, you’re going to have the ability to play with it, but you wont receive any new features or crossplay support. This was noticed by people who have the game on Apple TV. They were greeted with a message confirming the conclusion of support. Minecraft for Apple TV was declared in 2016 at Apple’s MacBook occasion .
Though it has said that it might offer refunds for purchases made within the previous 3 months.

“We are thankful to the Apple TV community for their service, but we need to reallocate resources into the platforms our players utilize the most. Don’t worry, however, you can continue to play Minecraft on Apple TV, keep building in y our planet, along with your Marketplace purchases — such as Minecoins — will continue to be available. However, we know that this adventure isn’t in-line with the experience on other platforms, so we will be devoting full refunds on all purchases made over the last 90 days.”

Microsoft’s announcement indicates that a majority of its participant base isn’t on Apple TV and contains pulled the plug. It drives home the inherent fact that despite its own position on features like cross-platform play to reinforce its user base on platforms such as the Xbox One, it won’t shy away from dropping support from programs which it deems unfit.

Previously, Minecraft developer Mojang declared a new”action-adventure game inspired by classic dungeon crawlers” for PC: it’s called Minecraft: Dungeons, which is playable solo or with friends cooperativelyup to four gamers in total. Consider it as Diablo but with Minecraft’s signature blocky characters and item versions. It is being produced by a small team at Mojang’s Swedish headquarters in Stockholm and has been described as their”passion project”.

The new game has been constructed with Unreal Engine and will feature creations from first game along with new weapons and objects”that will allow you to defeat a ruthless swarm of new-and-nasty mobs” and new supervisors. The match may also have a narrative. Minecraft: Dungeons was announced in the annual Minecon Earth 2018 conference over the weekend, along with an update for Minecraft coming early next year and additional add-ons.