Considering the fact that more than one-third of children under the age of five are in daycare, finding quality childcare is an important issue facing parents in Washoe County. According to experts, one of the most critical elements is the student teacher ratio. Children are safer and are more prepared for school as a result of lower ratios. As a result, the exact ratios for various ages and various needs are carefully regulated by Washoe County.
What the Experts Say
Student teacher ratio is considered by experts to be one of the most critical elements for a quality daycare. According to one study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, a low ratio is one of the most important factors.
The Safety Factor
Parents around the world will all say, “It only takes a second.” That’s exactly how long it takes for a child to get into serious danger, and no matter how childproof a daycare is, there are always risks. That is why a low student teacher ratio is important. The more eyes there are trained on those busy little bodies, the safer they are. That’s also why an additional adult is required during field trips. When children leave the safety of the daycare, they are even more at risk.
Getting Ready for School
More and more evidence suggests that a low student teacher ratio is critical to preparing children for further education. For one thing, a low ratio promotes a closer relationship with the teacher which can be important to building a child’s confidence and trust in the teacher’s support. A low ratio also allows for more one-on-one attention, more time to analyze the needs and interest of each child, and more time to adjust lesson plans accordingly.
Student Teacher Ratio for Washoe County
Younger children, especially those under two, require even more close attention than do older children. As a result the Washoe County requires an even lower student teacher ratio. For those under nine months it is a one to four. For nine months up to 18 months, it is 1 to 10, and 18 months to 3 years is 1 to 13. As children get older, this ratio rises but is carefully mandated by Washoe County. For specific numbers, visit ()
Ratio for Special Needs and Ill Children in Washoe County
Children who are ill or have special needs also require special attention in daycare settings. As a result, Washoe County also regulates the student teacher ratio for teachers serving these populations. Ill children under two require a ratio of 1 to 3. This number rises as children age. The same is true for special needs, which may have a ratio as low as 1 to 6.
As a result, any parent looking for a quality daycare needs to consider seriously the student teacher ratio. Experts agree that this is a critical characteristic that provides both additional safety and preparation for school. In Washoe County these ratios are carefully regulated covering all age groups and special populations such as children who are ill or who have special needs. For additional regulations regarding daycare in Nevada visit ().