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Tennessee Lotto Plus 6/44 or Lotto Plus for short started only last March 2008. For only $1 per play, a person can win as much as $1,000,000. Just choose six numbers from one (1) to forty-four (44). There is also an option to let the computer randomly choose the number for you called “Quick Pick.” Though, Quick Pick is an option that people rarely recommend, there are still a chance, however small, that you would be able to win. Get 3 out of 6 to win back $3, or get all six numbers to win the jackpot. 4 out of 6 would win you $50 and 5 out of 6 would win you $1,000.
Simple enough mechanics are easy to understand, but the tricky part is how you choose your numbers correctly so that you have a better chance of winning the jackpot. The odds of getting all six numbers right is one in 7,059,052. Not that good an odd if you don’t have a system on how to properly choose a number for play.
Compared to other lotteries that only reach to only the thirties, there are 44 numbers to choose from to complete the set of six. The number that you should be choosing should be spread out and not near each other. For example if you decide to choose the number ten (10), try to get a much higher number like seventeen (17) or nineteen (19) for the next number. Do not choose eleven (11), twelve (12) or thirteen (13) because they are too close and the chances of those numbers to come out would be low. There should also be a healthy dose of higher and lower numbers in the set that you want in play.
If you have a set number that you always use to play in Lotto Plus and those numbers do not come out, try to chance at least two numbers in your usual set that does not come out after three draws. These numbers commonly known as “cold numbers” are most likely the numbers that do not have a high frequency rate of showing up in the draw. It would be safer to change the numbers to get a better chance of winning than keeping those numbers with only a very slight chance of winning.
There are also some people who choose numbers with the same last number. These patterns should be avoided. Numbers with the same last digits are most likely not to come out in draws. It would be better to use quick pick rather than having numbers of the same ending. You have a better chance of winning with quick pick. Try to see the frequency of each number that comes out. In most cases, a number or numbers would come out 3 consecutive times in each draw. Pick those types of numbers so you have a better chance in winning the jackpot.
Always make it a habit to check previous wins to see if there is a pattern that would come out on the way the numbers are being drawn. There would still be some type of pattern that usually comes out in draws even if the draw is random.