Despite having a number of world class business facilities, hotels, and everything that supports a lifestyle of highest quality, UAE was lacking in one department. That is the availability of higher education facilities. For many years upper and middle class families had no other option but to send their children to study abroad, if they were interested in quality education at reasonable fees. Gradually, the trend changed, UAE government has planned and invested in many academic programs to offer a world class education system, which will match its standard of living. Initially, the focus was more on UAE nationals, though with the passage of time these opportunities will be accessible for everyone to avail.
Education Vision 2020:
Recognizing the need and importance of a sound educational system in the overall development and growth of economy, UAE government has initiated a comprehensive plan, called “Education Vision 2000”. This program is intended to provide equal academic opportunities to the citizens, improving the quality and effectiveness of curriculum and enhance learning resources, consequently building a modern education society that will lead to a knowledge driven economy. Huge funds have been allocated to education in successive budgets.
Higher Education:
Some time ago, it was hard to find a university that offered quality research and higher education facilities in United Arab Emirates. However, there’s an obvious inclination towards higher education these days, a big majority of students have started to show interest in higher education. Plenty of universities now offer various degrees and academic programs. Some worth mentioning universities are United Arab Emirates University in Al-Ain, University of Sharjah, American Intercontinental University in Dubai, Ajman University of Science and Technology, Zayed University for women, University of Abu Dhabi, Harvard Medical School Dubai Center and Michigan State University to name some of them. Ministry of education also provides financial assistance to promising students, who are willing to study abroad.
Dubai Academic City:
Dubai Academic City is a huge project that plans to host some of the most renowned universities from all over the world. Expected to be completed in 2012, Dubai Academic City is situated in Al Ruwayyah. It is poised to become a global center of knowledge and learning for more than 150,000 students. The city will contain a big number of world class universities and housing facilities for students and faculty members. 129 million square feet of land is allocated for the campus. Dubai International Academic City is a Free Zone (within Dubai Academic City) dedicated to international universities; more than 30 universities from different countries have vowed to open a branch in this zone.