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International automobile shipping has become extremely popular of late. And the primary reason behind this popularity is the low fee charged by the transport agencies. People have realized that they can keep their vehicles even if they are moving overseas without burning a hole in their pocket. And if you have a luxury, exotic, customized or vintage car then international auto shipping is definitely the best bet for you. You will obviously not want to leave your beloved car behind.
It is true that when you plan to ship your car to a different part of the world, auto shipping quotes do play an important role in your decision. However, as mentioned, the quotes are not really the worrying factor and rather there are several other factors that you should take into consideration. The most important consideration is the type of transport. The most popular type of international auto transport is roll-on roll-off. In this type of transport your car will be driven or rolled to the deck area or the ship cargo directly. This is cheapest type of international car shipping but since your car is not protected from the elements of weather there are high chances of damage.
And therefore, it is always better to opt for enclosed auto transport though it might cost you a bit more. You should also consider the additional protection options offered by transport companies. If you are transporting you car to a big city you should go in for shared containers. However, when you are transporting a collectible car, individual containers is the best. Before you hand over your car to the shipping agency, make sure that you know in detail about the insurance. Most transport companies have the basic insurance policy that will cover any cosmetic damage that occurs during transport and delivery. However, you will need a Marine Shipping Insurance for full coverage.
You will need to understand that different countries have different laws and restrictions about the importing of vehicles. Therefore, you will need to do some paperwork before you can ship your car. While doing your paperwork you will need to make inquiries about the taxes, the custom fees and any other tariff that might be applied when you pick up the car. In certain countries the custom fee is as high as 30% of the Blue book price of the car. And with transport agencies providing the services of motorcycle transport your son can now take his favorite bike overseas as well.