On the other hand, the nation remains in the 109th concerning cellular Internet rates, internationally. In accordance with the report, India’s performance in broadband download speeds has gone up from typical rates of 18.82Mbps in November 2017into 20.72Mbps in February 2018. India Now Ranks 67th Globally in Fixed Broadband Speed, 109th in Mobile Internet Speed: Ookla“India had reported most advancement in broadband download rates one of the planet’s most populous nations. The nation seized the next slot concerning demonstrating the most advance in cellular data levels,” Ookla stated in a release announcing the outcomes. It added, “While India’s rank concerning cellular Internet download rate stays same in 109th but normal download rates have climbed to 9.01Mbps in February from 8.80Mbps in November this past year.”

Meanwhile, according to the indicator, Norway was in the pole position in the world for mobile Internet using an average download rate of 62.07Mbps. The worldwide average download rate was 22.16Mbps. In addition, in relation to broadband rates, Singapore took the best place a 161.53Mbps typical download rate. For broadband rates, the worldwide average was listed as 42.71Mbps.

Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index contrasts Internet speed information from all over the globe via 7,021 servers from which 439 exist in India.