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To create a gaming desktop you first need some essential pieces of hardware. It is these components that allow you to run the game at maximum settings so you get the best image quality without any of the lag. The rest of the article explains what the hardware is and how it affects gaming.
A fast processor, or CPU, is essential to making a good gaming computer. The CPU organizes and does the data crunching for all of the programs you run. The most advanced games on the market require a lot of processing power because there are always many things going on at one time. For example, in first person shooter games you can be moving through room while shooting and with light coming in through the window.
Currently, the best CPU on the market are the quad-core processors. This basically aligns four separate processors so they can execute many different operations at one time.
The second thing you need to create a computer that can play video games is a powerful video card. The video card is a piece of hardware and renders the video images you see on the screen. Therefore the more powerful the video card the better the image quality. The video card also determines how quickly it draws images so you want one that is fast as well as powerful.
RAM, or random access memory, is another piece of hardware that is very important when it comes to gaming. RAM stores information digitally so the main processor can access it instantly. Without RAM, the CPU would have to get the information for a disk or hard drive. This would take time and would lead to very long load times when playing video games.
The forth piece of hardware you need is a big storage system. A hard drive holds all of the information on a computer. Load times you may experience is essentially data being taken from the spinning hard drive and then processed by the CPU. Having a large hard drive allows you to store entire games directly onto your computer without having to keep track of disks.
There is one last piece of hardware you need to complete your gaming desktop, a large monitor. Having a large monitor will allow you to run the game at a higher resolution. This means the computer will put in more pixels per square inch on the screen. This will make the image look cleaner and it won’t have any blurred edges. Also, having a bigger screen makes gaming a much more enjoyable experience. After you have gotten all of these components together all you need to do is start playing some video games.