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One of the biggest features in gaming consoles nowadays, is that you get the opportunity to connect the console to the internet. By connecting to the internet, you can have more features and bonus maps by downloading them to your game. You can also connect with hundreds also online and play the game with them. You can battle with each other, or even team up and chat by using the headset that comes with the game. Hooking up to the internet, however, may be a bit challenging to some, but it’s rather fairly simple.
With every game console that you want to connect, you’re either going to have to by an Ethernet cable or a crossing cable to plug into the internet modem or computer. Every gaming console has a slot that you can plug in the cable, and it’s usually in the back with the other plug slots. Hook up one end to the gaming console and then hook the other end up to the modem or computer.
With the Xbox 360, one of the most popular gaming systems to play online games with, the plug for the internet cable is right next to the power cord. You plug the Ethernet cable into it, and then plug it in the internet modem. If you have a wireless internet, you can plug it in to the cable slot that a wired internet would normally be plugged into. You have to set your internet so that it’s able to read the connection and unlock it, otherwise it will be blocked and you won’t be able to play.
With the PlayStation 3, you can use a wireless modem without even having to hook up any cables. Go under your connection and network settings and set it up so that the PlayStation can be played through the internet on your computer. You’re also going to have to use one of your network cards for it, or go buy an extra one. These are fairly cheap and could only cost you about ten dollars.
You can connect to the internet with these gaming consoles, but make sure that you have one of the updated gaming systems because a lot of the older ones will not be able to connect to the internet.