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How to beat the dealer at blackjack? Learn all the strategies in blackjack gaming, train well, enforce discipline in yourself in money management and have a logical mind at all times and you will definitely beat the house in blackjack gaming! Can you do all that?
Alright. Let us talk about basic strategy and the percentages that the dealer will go bust with various up card possibilities. First and foremost, basic strategy is to tell you what to do as in stand, double down or split or hit, with regards to the dealer’s up card against yours. Soft hands include an ace in your cards and hard hands do not. Double down scenarios increases the chances of your winnings since the meaning itself is to say that you have a better hand against the dealer’s.
So as you can see, blackjack basic strategy serves as a probable decision based on information that is still not complete. The problem lies in that you do not know the value of the hole card, or the facing down card of the dealer’s and what the next card that will come from the deck shoe will turn out to be.
When this strategy is used correctly, it can reduce the house’s edge to a minimum which is about 1.5%.
Let us take a look at the percentages:
When the dealer has a value of 2 for his up card – the percentage of the dealer going bust is about 35%.
When the dealer has a value of 3 – the dealer going bust is increased to 37%.
When the dealer has a value of 4 – value of going bust increases even more to 40%.
And when the dealer has a value of 5 or 6 as his up card – the house going bust reaches a maximum of 41%.
This goes to show why you will double down your chances when the dealer’s up card is either 4 or 5 or 6 value.
Reversely, when the dealer has a value of 7 as his up card – the chance of going bust reduces to 26%.
When the dealer has a 8 up card – going bust becomes just 24%.
When the dealer has a 9 or 10 value – the chance that the dealer will go bust is just 22%.
And when the dealer holds an ace – going bust is just 17%.
One issue that you need to remember is that as a player, you have to deal the cards first. Which means that in the event that you go bust before the dealer, you lose your bet regardless of whether the dealer later goes bust. That is the advantage that the house has against the players at the blackjack table games.
You cannot just rely on this percentage of the dealer going bust to make all your betting decisions. Basic strategy still must be employed and the most important part of any casino betting is that money management and self-discipline must be enforced correctly if one is to become a true blackjack professional.
Are you ready then?