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While an ever expanding pool of blood spills across the entire globe, as a habitual demand for democracy rings through the too often deafened ears of nation states, how does any sane government today expect hard working Americans to both keep and maintain the by the sweat of their brow more difficult to contain assets? The federal government may as of this writing be $500,000,000,000,000 in debt, but what do they say that they actually did with all of those past due collections of taxed to the hilt from America’s working masses?
How much can they account for when Japanese Americans were awakened to a confiscation to the unheard of tune of enough to pay for their former homeland’s declared aggression during both World War I and II nationally proclaimed encounter? Including that most infected instrument, which costed the lives in its strategically dropped atomic energy, when the now infamous Enola Gay did its best to bring about an end to that aspect of the war where the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the ultimate targets.
Why has the federal government allowed a seemingly out of control national debt to exist at all since the days of this great nation’s sixteenth since the very first Republican none other than president Abraham Lincoln? Now, with the Ice Age about to freeze us unto kingdom come, the bureaucrat’s of the eastern seaboard’s newly devised design is to somehow soak the rich?
Therefore, and while a no holds barred monetarily induced nature exists today when it comes to doing an iota of a simple thing in order to try to successfully reign in under regulated governmental tax and spend shortcomings: what is Hawaii’s, California’s, Oregon’s, Washington’s and so many more whose annual raid by government makes the siege on Atlanta seem more like a Saturday afternoon picnic than a too long protracted act of civil war?
When those robber baron carpetbagger and hopped up on mint julep northern bankers wanted to garner the south’s remaining 10% of that all too impotent slave economy, here we go again? Instead of devising a national lottery connected exclusively to the business community, those too often weakened and buckled at the knees powers that be here and now thought that by placing taxpayer’s hard earned money into the hands of international slippery sloped bankers that the world’s financial problems would somehow, as if by magic [shazzam] disappear?
With 44% of this nation’s states now enjoying dynasty trusts, the struggling majority wishes to subordinate a greatly more positive minority? What have these family linked estates on a national playing field enjoyed, when it comes to a too soon to become forever discarded current level of in-kind payments and the like into those never to be filled on any lasting basis federal coffers?
Void of making those seemingly limited figures amount to nothing at all, why not make them publicly known and available to everyone, so that a more defined yet accurate picture can better come into the national focus! Without such information make readily available, can any sound advances come!