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.NET or Dot NET is a software structure which provides controlled environment for development and running of computer applications. Once the .NET framework is installed in the PC, the software gets updated with the update service of Microsoft. And, after installation of any version of .NET in the computer, it gets updated through the control panel of the computer and hence become the latest version of .NET.
It supports 27 programming languages including C++ and C#. One important application provided by .NET is class library codes which prevent many programming issues and help user with full web developments.
Benefits Framework
• Dot NET (.NET) supports installation of basic applications like PayPal, Inuit Quick Books, and Microsoft Windows Live One Care.
• In .NET framework, CLR (Common Language Run) defines the execution of program code. It does memory management itself and makes the user free from the task of managing memory.
• The function Class Library is available to all .NET languages and is regardless of the programming language that a developer uses. It provides development of consistent programming model.
• Web developers using .NET technology can create an integrated information area within his/her computer. They can create high-quality programs with collections of Internet integrated qualities available in today’s computer and networks.
• One of the most successful developments of .NET framework is its level of security. The platform provides a number of mechanisms (Web Application Security, Code Access Security, and Role-based Security) for the protection of resources and codes from the unauthorized codes and users.
.NET technology offers lot more advantages to IT professionals. However, with the increasing demand of the web application development and consequent shortage of programmers, online business owner prefers outsourcing to development companies.
A number of .NET web development companies have team of offshore web developers, who offers business solutions in fixed time and budget. Therefore, before you start an online business, do take care to hire dedicated web developers and get your project done in a cost-effective manner.