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Logitech are at the fore when it comes to accessories for Gaming Seats, specifically the steering wheels – and even the speakers too.
If you’ve been in a VisionRacer or a Fanatec Cockpit setup with Logitech X-540’s and a G25 – then you probably had a hard time getting out, purely because you were having so much fun!
So can it get better? Whats this about the G27? What will competitors do?
Well, if you look around the sites you’ll see people mentioning the G27 by name, although not providing any detail. At this moment in time, its not even publicised on the Logitech site (so they never have to announce an exist strategy). At the same time, Fanatec have a fantastic range of steering wheels too, which really compete with Logitech.
What we do know is that the G27 has a thicker wheel, LED’s on the display for the gears (not really the rev counter as you may have read elsewhere). People have been talking about this product for 2 years, and it actually reminds me of the iPhone with the hype…. but is this hype about to end? Well, prototypes are around with partners of Logitech, but will the ‘alleged G27’ ever get past this stage?
But hey, lets compare this with some other competitive products like that from Fanatec, after all the market never stands still. With Fanatec, you have fantastic brand in ‘Porsche’ – and I’ve never met anyone who would say no Porsche!
If we take the GT3 RS Wheel (available now!), it has the same design of the original Porsche 911 wheel and is hand stitched in leather (just like the Porsche).
The Fanatec wheels have more focus on PC’s than PlayStations, but hey – we wont hold that against them!
It has additional Force Feedback actuators in the wheel to provide road like vibrations.
The big PLUS we liked here, is that the pedal set has ABS vibration – WOW! The pedals are aluminum with indestructible magnetic sensors (if anyone other than a German company said that, I probably wouldn’t believe them!).
Oh – and don’t forget the 360 turn too!
In summary, the balls in Logitech’s court.