The PC is the most common gaming platform and titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota two are exceedingly popular. Considering that competitive gaming is a large portion of gaming, it usually means that gamers demand better gear to perform their best/ It’s not just about getting the right video card or mouse, in fact, getting the right gaming monitor is just as important, if not more so.

However, not all gaming monitors are created equivalent, in fact there is a multitude of features on displays like the LG34UC79 and LG 29UM69 UltraWide screen gaming monitors that make them better choices than others. Here’s what you want to know before buying a gaming monitor.

Response time is a measure of just how quick a pixel can display a switch in one shade of grey to another or from black to white. It’s crucial in fast e-sports-focussed titles as the lower the response time allows you to respond faster and perform better. Right now, one millisecond is the lowest reaction time. However, not all of monitors possess one millisecond response time; the LG34UC79 and LG 29UM69 do (as do the rest of LG’s UltraWide gaming line-up), making them worth considering for any prospective e-sport champion.
2) Motion Blur Reduction
Motion blur results in objects losing their detail in motion and may mean the difference between killing and being killed on the virtual battlefield. Motion Blur Reduction, as its name implies, limits the effects of motion blur, allowing for a split second response to changes in-game. It’s a standard feature in the LG34UC79 and LG 29UM69 and the rest of LG’s UltraWide gaming monitor range that ensures you’re never at a disadvantage in a game.

3) Refresh Rate
Refresh rate refers to the number of frames that a monitor can display per second. Most gaming monitors have a refresh rate of 60Hz. LG’s 34UC79 UltraWide gaming monitor supports 144Hz (over-clockable to 165Hz) to get an optimised, fluid experience.

4) Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) style
This useful feature minimises input lag – the time taken for your actions to appear on screen. What this means is, be it powerful spells or well-timed headshots, your actions happen as and when you intend them to be. Both the LG34UC79 and LG 29UM69 encourage this feature together with all of LG’s additional UltraWide monitors, giving you a greater amount of control.

A lot of games have extremely dark environments making it tough to find enemies waiting to strike you in the dark. The Dark Stabiliser feature automatically sense the mysterious portions of this game and leaves them brighter, allowing you a clear view of things to come. LG34UC79 and LG 29UM69 have this, as do the rest of LG’s UltraWide monitor array, making it easier for you to get to the top of the leaderboard.
Each of these attributes make LG’s UltraWide monitor line-up headlined by the LG34UC79 and LG 29UM69 well worth considering. Even at the entry level with the LG 24MP59G and Guru Gaming sections with the LG 24GM79G, most, if not all of these features are readily available, making the LG UltraWide series have the best gaming features at reasonable price points.