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Situations tend to become unstable and things can degenerate and we will no doubt experience more of that over these next weeks and months, in 2012, and especially just having heard some of the prognostications being made by those who happen to be in positions of leadership in various European nations. Have you ever wondered just how these people rise to leadership and why they are chosen and elected?
Things are never as we think they might be. Enemies can appear from nowhere. They certainly surprise us at times. We need a rock, an anchor, or else we will sink or drift, and, we all need a safe place, harbour a refuge.
King David, King of Israel, found the Lord God Almighty to be a fortress, or a fort, and a comforter. Do note how fort is in all these vital words. David found Almighty God to be like one of our strong Scottish castles or forts. God was David’s stronghold and his hiding place.
The details surrounding David’s highly personal testimony to the source of his ability to overcome and triumph as a leader is to be found in the second book of Samuel in the Old Testament part of the Bible and at Chapter 22 with the passage being repeated at Psalm 18.
Having studied this in detail recently may I suggest you take time to read it through carefully and prayerfully. The benefits can be amazing, in all kinds of ways. We come to worship to hide, not because we are running away, but like a restaurant we go there because we are hungry.
David knew that God could deliver him. Leaders need to know this or learn this and come to realise that this aspect of this their lives is crucially important.
Sometimes, you can feel as though you are about to be captured, and God steps in gloriously intervenes. God helps you escape some imprisoning bondage. God wants to set His people free. Jesus Christ wants people to be free and that is one of the reasons why Jesus Christ came into our world.
Jesus Christ can release you from all sorts of things, and from all kinds of ways and habits or imprisoning circumstances, if you ask, and that applies to individuals and to nations. God wants us to come to know Him, and we read of this in the letter to the Philippians in Chapter 3 and at verses 8 and 9. God wants us to become more like Jesus.
Our enemies are numerous and powerful, but our God is greater and stronger than any of them. Whatever we face over these coming weeks and months and whatever confronts us over these next days it is so reassuring to know without any questioning or doubt that our God is able to enable us to overcome and that is why those in positions of leadership should lead with positive and encouraging dynamism.
To try to go it alone without Almighty God is most unwise. In fact it is crass sin. There is an answer, if only man would look in the right place and ask for help!
Sandy Shaw