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There is no doubt that many religions are challenged from that which is opposed to it. Perhaps more so about the Mormon religion which is probably based on their teachings. They are staunch and they have been around for a long period of time and the Mormons are dedicated to their beliefs.
Mormons certainly feels that they are a Christian. It has to be pointed out here that the Mormons believe that that the orthodox Christians of today are not as those of the Christians of the New Testament. Therefore the Mormons when they classify themselves as Christians revert back to the New Testament and not what the individual may believe is a Christian as of today.
The concept of the Mormon is that in order to be a true Christian one has to believe and act like Christ himself. They will want to tell you that Christ is the crux of their religion. Where the problem might set in with those of the disagreement of the Mormon faith is the concept of how they put Christ into the picture as being a man. Who eventually turned into a God and as such the Mormon men have the same capability if they reach a certain latitude of Holiness one might say.
The Mormons believe that not only must one abide by the word but must live by their actions for the word.
The religion states Mormons must become Christ like through their love and service. In support of this it should be known that the Latter Day Saints do not pay their leaders but that their services are performed by their members.
The Mormon will promote that they focus on family being a basic strength for their society. It is the families of that teach them the proper strengths of living.
It is also to be remembered that the Church of latter-day Saints believe in sealings which are the same as marriage except the differences is that it lasts for eternity.
Their theology states that everyone was born from heavenly parents or spiritual parents.
Up until this point they feel that they are very similar to other religions and find the major difference comes from their study and belief in the book of Mormons which classes itself as another Testament of Christ.
This of course for anyone who is familiar with the Mormon religion knows that it goes back to Joseph Smiths vision and translation of the gold plates into the book of Mormon. For any Mormon the book of Mormon is the ultimate rule when it comes to their doctrine although they do rely on the holy Bible for some subjects. There is no doubt in any Mormons mind that Joseph Smith actually got his direction from Christ referring to starting a new church which is the Church of the Mormons technically known as the Jesus Christ Church of Latter-Day Saints and anyone that is leading the church is considered to be a prophet.