Why Dark Chocolate ?

Before beginning a debate on chocolate it would be wise to first set the stage by addressing why it is fundamental for all, yes all people to enjoy chocolate as it was meant to be enjoyed in the first place. Many people associate chocolate with Hershey or Mars companies and this is to be expected, since this is the most widely recognized and available form of cacao on the market, but do a little research and you will realize that you are not eating much chocolate at all But rather a mixture of additives, mainly sugar and other fillers to reduce the price of cacao for the masses, because when Hershey developed his technique’s cacao was too expensive for the average person.

After creating milk chocolate, which is hardly chocolate at all, it was widely available to everyone and became associated with what people associate chocolate to taste like. Unfortunately because of the added ingredients this chocolate barely resembles the cacao that was initially the target of consumption. Milk has none of the helpful benefits of dark chocolate including a high level of antioxidants.

Other Comparisons

Since comparing dark vs milk chocolate is not a comparison of two like things lets just compare the reasons people usually indulge in one vs the other. Usually Milk chocolate is the chocolate that most of us grow up associating to the taste of cacao so we have a perspective of it being very sweet and carb dense. On the other hand once you develop a taste for real (dark) chocolate it is a completely different experience. I can equate this to drinking real cappuccino vs the kind you get at the gas station. They both call themselves cappuccino, but only one really has the taste of the beans it was made from, the other is full of filler, mostly sugar and is appealing to the sweet tooths of most.


If you really enjoy the taste of cacao then you will be a dark chocolate connoisseur, if you enjoy the taste of sugar with your cacao then you will like milk chocolate. The distinction between the two is most important when considering the benefits of chocolate. Most people read a study on how small amounts of chocolate can be good for your health and generalize those benefits to any chocolate, when in reality those studies are centered around 70% or higher concentrated dark chocolates.

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