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An interesting new way to “pimp out” your computer is by changing out your boring gray, silver or black case with a clear computer case. You can actually see inside your computer. Check out the inner workings and see how they operate when your computers on.
It give your computer a cool new stylish look. For anyone who wants to update your computers look and still keep all the inner parts safe. A clear case is what you want. You would never want to expose your computer to your environmental hazards like dust, crumbs, and bugs that can damage the inner working of your computer.
With a clear case you are still protecting your computer but now you can get a science lesson by seeing how your computer responds to the various operations you put it through on a daily basis. There’s a variety of cases you can choose from. You can purchase cases in various colors or “flavors”, as they’re also called. There are so many ways you can personalize your case to make it really stand out.
But that’s not all! You can even get specially colored fans, wiring and hard drives in many different colors that also glow. Create a computer of various colors that will light up a room. Depending on the manufacturer of these cases the quality can vary. You can purchase the very basic, from the simple acrylic cases or the cases with clear window cutouts.
Clear computer cases are not just for show. They can actually work to keep the inside of your computer cooler. There are manufacturers who market the whole computer package to include hard drives, monitors and CD/DVD drives with clear computer cases.
If you want to purchase just a clear computer case it can cost anywhere from $35.00 to $150.00 depending on all the features that come with it. The usual hardware you get with a clear case includes thumbscrews, clips and front panel bay covers. You will also get extra screws for power supplies, the motherboard, hard drives and CD ROMs.
These pieces also come in matching colors. They also offer special polishes and scratch resistant materials. A clear computer case can be quite a conversation piece because of their uniqueness. A lot of computer owners see how personalizing their case can really make them stand out.
Some use logos of their favorite sports teams or favorite graphics and images to add to the style of their computer. For those who may be worried about scratches and smudges on their clear computer case, polish and scratch removers usually work to keep your case looking shiny and brand new. You can purchase a bottle of scratch remover for about $15.00.
For little cost you can have a brand new personalized computer that will have people talking. Who knows, you might even be able to create a business tricking out other peoples computers.