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The first Commonwealth Games were held in the year 1930 in Hamilton, Canada in which 400 athletes from 11 countries participated. The Commonwealth Games is a sports event, which takes place after every four years, and all the Commonwealth nations participate in the event. The Commonwealth Games 2010 which are going to be held in Delhi, India are likely to be just the right mix of sports and entertainment where all member nations driven by a common ideology would pursue their common objectives and interests.
As is expected, the government of Delhi is going all out to make sure that Delhi proves to be the perfect host in terms of infrastructure, sophistication and safety. This event is likely to provide the much-needed boost to the tourists on India tours both directly and indirectly. While the foreign exchange earnings of the country are likely to reach a new high, the influx of tourists on India tours is also expected to reach record levels. The government of Delhi is working expeditiously on all the infrastructure projects to improve entertainment, security, accommodation and transportation in the city so that India tour packages can be made more attractive in the global markets.
The tourism ministry has entered into a public partnership with various state governments, Archaeological Survey of India and nodal private companies to conduct program called “Explore India in CWG 2010”. To promote this program, the tourism ministry organized several road shows in countries like South Africa, Singapore, Australia, Canada and UK. Other advertising and marketing activities are also being organized so that different attractive tourist destinations of India can be projected at the world stage. Attempts are also being made to attract tourists to other northern states such as Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan.
The tour and travel operators of India are ready for this golden opportunity in everyway and have designed India tours packages based on International tourists requirements and demands. Most of these India Tour packages cover ayurvedic therapies, Yoga, sightseeing and accommodation. Those traveling on a budget on their India tour are also likely to find suitable India tour packages.
The Commonwealth Games 2010 has been declared as the biggest Indian multi sport event. While the event is being organized for the first time in India, it is only the second time that an Asian country has been given the honor to host the event. The total budget for Commonwealth Game 2010 is likely to exceed US $1.6 billion. One interesting aspect of organization of Commonwealth Game 2010 is the introduction of “Tourist Police”, which will be entrusted with the task of solely dealing with security issues of tourist, especially women.
India has been most popular country due to tourist place and also included Commonwealth Games 2010. India is cheaply, secure and non-violence country. You can go there from one place to another easily. Indian South area and North area wrapped natural beauty. Indian is a spiritual country also many rivers like Ganga, Gomti, Saryu, Yamuna etc. make a beauty country.