Amazon’s Audiobooks Subscription Service Audible Launched in India in Beta, Price Starts at Rs. 199 Per MonthAmazon has finally launched Audible, its audiobooks subscription service, in India.
Price starts at only Rs. 199 a month (roughly $2.70) and Audible provides a 30-day free trial to all users, with many users also seeing a 90-day free trial alternative with a charge towards three free audiobooks.
An Audible India subscription claims to provide”over 200,000 audiobooks” which you can begin listening to in your own Android or iOS device by downloading the Audible program. It is also possible to listen to audiobooks via the Audible site.

Similar to Prime, Amazon is offering Audible in India at a significant reduction compared to the US. An Audible subscription costs $14.95 a month in the US, therefore the India pricing is less than one-fifth of that amount.

There are a number of key differences however, as Audible readers in the united states access three names (one audiobook + 2 Audible originals) a month at the price, while subscribers in India is going to be limited to just one title a month.

In other words, you get one charge a month which may be redeemed towards any name that is a part of this Audible India catalogue, irrespective of its price. This book gets added into your Audible Library and you can listen to it at your own convenience.

Amazon highlights that subscribers will be able to maintain the audiobooks currently within their Audible Library even after they cancel their membership. You can roll over up to six unused credits into the next month in case you don’t see anything you like in a specific month, and sometimes even exchange names you don’t like after you’ve redeemed a charge.

Aside from monthly membership, Audible India is also offering 6- and 12-month subscriptions priced at Rs. 1,345 and Rs. 2,332 respectively. Audible members are going to have the ability to buy extra audiobooks beyond their free monthly credit at a 30 percent reduction in contrast to the novels’ typical cost.

The Audible launching is Amazon’s latest effort at expanding its footprint in the Indian market. The e-commerce giant is coming from the back of a successful festive season, where it hosted three large sales in as many weeks to rival the Walmart-possessed Flipkart.

Amazon’d launched Prime in India a little over two decades back in an introductory cost of Rs. 499 (roughly $6.80), doubling the cost into Rs. 999 (roughly $13.70) around one year ago. Aside from quick shipping, Prime subscribers in India now get access to Prime Video, Prime Reading, Amazon Music, and more, though an Audible subscription service will not be a part of Prime benefits, which is the way that it can be other markets as well.

Though Amazon does not break down Prime membership numbers by country, the company did show in April this year that it had over 100 million Prime members globally .

To remember, Prime membership costs $119 (approximately Rs. 8,700) in the US, though subscribers in Amazon’s home nation get to appreciate wider gains than their counterparts in India and other markets.